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Guardians of the New is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (3)
Frost (3)
Unholy (3)
Balance (3)
Feral (3)
Restoration (3)
Beast Masters (3)
Marksmanship (3)
Survivalists (3)
Arcane (3)
Fire (3)
Frost (3)
Holy (3)
Protection (3)
Retribution (3)
Discipline (3)
Holy (3)
Shadow (3)
Assassination (3)
Combat (3)
Subtlety (3)
Elemental (3)
Enhancement (3)
Restoration (3)
Affliction (3)
Demonology (3)
Destruction (3)
Arms (3)
Fury (3)
Protection (3)
Welcome Everyone!  We are an easy going. friendly guild, that is helpful to get characters leveled.  Eventually when we get enough high levels, we will progress to end game raiding.  If you would like to join our guild contact a member in the game or sign up and let us know you are interested.

We are generous with our 5 tab guild bank.  But it is need only not greed.  If you withdraw the max, and you don't need the items, I reserve the right to demote you or remove you depending on the offense.  Our bank items are for our members not to gain cash.

Our rank system is as follows:
initiate - no access to bank is a member in waiting
novice - tab1
sentry - tab 1 and 2
watcher tab 1,2,3
sentinel - pre-officer
gatekeeper - officer
GM = Dyanii

Promotions are based on how active you are.

I remove inactive players not on for 21 days or more unless notified

We have a sister guild on Horde - Guardians of the New II - feel free to make a horde and join fellow guildies on the darkside

If you have any suggestions please let us know we are always looking for new ideas.

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New website up and running!

Brudamin, Oct 1, 10 7:23 PM.
This site was created with the future of guild flourishment in mind. As Guardians of the New grows, we want to make all members feel involved, encouraging everyone to throw in ideas and opportunities for advancement within the WoW realm. So sign up and get involved!
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